Be the Change You Want to See In Your Workforce

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Have you heard the saying, “Be the change you want to see in the world”? This profound statement made by Mahatma Gandhi has been posted thousands of times on social media sites, printed on decorative pillows and home décor signs, and recited in college classrooms around the world. What is it about this saying that touches people on such a deep level?

“Be the change you want to see in the world” is a saying that points to the truth that leading by example is inherently powerful. Obviously, this idea resonates with many people.

Does this famous saying resonate with you?

Are You the Change You Want to See In Your Workforce?

We believe that leading by example is the most effective form of workplace leadership; so does Chris Newton, writer for Demand Media. He says, “Leadership is the act of setting the right example for those who follow. Leadership is about actively demonstrating your belief, not just talking about it. People who say one thing but do another eventually lose credibility.”

Are you, an employer, actively being the change you want to see in your workforce?

You say you want your employees to show up to work on time. Do YOU regularly get to work on time?

You say you want your personnel to show you more respect. That’s fine, but are YOU showing your workforce the respect you’d like to receive?

You say your workers do not always look as presentable as they should. That’s valid. However, do YOU look sharp every time you step through your office doors?

If you list the complaints you have against your employees, you may find you have expectations of them that you are not modeling.

Getting What You Want From Your Employees Is Simple

Do you ever feel like getting your employees to meet your expectations is impossible? If so, you are most definitely not alone. SO many employers experience these same frustrations.

Would you like to know a secret? Getting what you want from your employees is a simple, two-step process that consists of

1) Telling your workers what you expect of them in a direct, kind manner.

2) Behaving as you want your employees to behave (i.e., leading by example).

This process is extremely simple, yet powerfully effective.

Are You in Charge of Yourself?

In their book You Want Me to Do What?!: Understanding Workplace Expectations, authors Wade Miller and Richard Brodeur stress the importance of being in charge of oneself. They say, “For your (workforce) to function well, you need to first lead yourself – be in charge of you.”

Sometimes employers become so burdened by the responsibilities of managing others that they forget to manage themselves. Don’t let this happen to you! Make sure you are being the best you that you can be. Your employees will imitate what they observe.

Are YOU a leader you’d want to follow?

Note: leading by example will get you good results, but leading by example AND having your employees read Understanding Workplace Expectations and attending its workshops will get you great results. Learn more here.



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